Post-Irma – Growing, but no pains!

Well we raised a few eyebrows when we put up a 30×40 tent at Nanny Cay just over a year ago BUT it’s back up now after a bit of work to straighten the frame. Our cherished covered work space is back in action.

IYM welcomes two new faces on board and has another ‘just around the corner’.

Michael Domican joins us a contractor. He has his own business – CaribbeanSailingCoach – coaching sailing mainly out of the BVI. Michael’s history includes an Americas Cup campaign with Peter DeSavary and management of the US soccer World Cup, and Live Aid!

His focus initially is on getting Shaima , an unlucky but lucky at the same time, Hylas 63 back into her intended element and off to Miami for repairs.

Pre-Irma she was struck by lightning in the same ‘storm’ that sank our trimaran Triple Jack at her mooring, also a lightning strike! As a result she was stuck at Nanny Cay being repaired in the peak of hurricane season. But, like most of our fleet she will be a survivor.

Having extra hands on board now is so important for our fleet. Boats decay quickly when waterlogged with stagnant fresh water. It sounds simple to ‘bail out a few boats’ but believe me it is not. It took nearly 2 days work with saws just to get access to three upright power boats next to each other. The boats on their side are another story but we are getting them all dried out and stable.

Now, we are now very well placed to take on the management and hands on repairs of a larger management fleet.

Fishy and Junior rolling a fresh coat of epoxy non skid on our battered floor.

Fishy and Junior rolling a fresh coat of epoxy non skid on our battered floor.